Mobile TV

Demo pilot video's

The first mobile TV commercials were available for 3G handsets in a pilot for KPN Mobile. The TV commercials, produced by Endemol, were integrated by Wapag in the NAS the KPN Mobile news portal.

With the introduction of 3G handsets KPN Mobile, Endemol and Wapag started a pilot to promote Content Providers in short TV Commercials. The TV commercials were converted and streamed by Wapag's WMAS. In his trusted news portal "Nu op i-mode" and "Nu op Wap" the end-user could now view a TV like commercial. The pilot was very well received by both end-user and Content Providers.

How does your company benefit?

• Proven TV to mobile infrastructure
• Deliver quality rich content to your mobile customers
• Automaticly add TV commercials to your content

Mobile TV services

Wapag can consult your company on the deployment of mobile TV services or offer a turnkey solution. If your company already uses one of Wapag's mobile products mobile TV services can be integrated and online within two weeks.

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