News Application Server

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The News Application Server (NAS) is the best automated news portal available for Service Providers like KPN Mobile and T-Mobile. It offers Content Providers easy and lowcost integration via XML. For end-users the latest news of different Content Providers is far more accessible compared to common applications, which leads to a doubling clicktrough rate.

What benefits does the NAS have?

• Turnkey and lowcost mobile news portal
• Fully automated, no (content) management or service is required
• Better end-user presentation
• News is readily available
• Easy integration for CP's
• High CP click trough rate
• Wapag's "in the field" expertise
• Multimedia ready, e.g. streaming, images, TV, etc.

How about the future?

Wapag is known for its development and pioneering of Rich (Mobile) Internet Applications. Therefore updates for the NAS includes the latest technologies before they were widely known. Last year for example, the NAS has run a mobile TV pilot in combination with mobile advertising.

What does the NAS support?

In short the NAS supports everything you can ask for, in case you might ensure the support you want do contact us. The NAS also has unique full hosting support packages, Daytime, Fulltime, Guaranteed uptime. Including support for all hard- AND software.

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