Mobile Adverstising and Direct Marketing

Wapag pioneerd mobile advertising 2 years ago on the WapagPortal. Now the market is ready and has started to embrace mobile advertising. As pioneers, it was logical to introduce MMS Direct marketing, which Wapag did last year. Response to MMS DM was so overwhelming, it had to be slowed down in order not to overload the telco's CMG systems.

Mobile Adverstising

Wapag's mobile advertising solution was tested on the Wapagportal two years ago and is now integrated in all Wapag's mobile applications. The advantage of mobile advertising is you can be sure the targeted user will see and notice the advertisement when you want it, where you want it and how you want it. Campaigns are easy to set up and lets you target users as specific as you want the campaign to be. Mobile advertising is great for brand awareness and clicktroughs to third party's content.

Benefits of Wapag's mobile advertising?

• The first complete mobile solution
• Flexable and easy campaign deployment
• When, where and how you want it targeted
• Almost 100% target match

Mobile Direct Marketing

Direct mobile marketing is very easy and very effective, as with mobile advertising the targeted user will take notice of the campaign. In fact marketeers who use the tool were so enthousiastic Wapag needed to build safety features in order not to overload the CMG system used by the telco. Planning mobile DM's can be done by the marketeer via the online DM planning tool or let your agency contact us for a DM run.

A key feature of mobile DM is the possibility to visualize your message, send for example your latest TV commercial via mobile DM. In this example the campaign was integrated on the internet and included an user repsonse which was presented on TV.

What advantages does mobile DM has?

• Proven mobile infrastructure
• Deliver quality rich content to your mobile customers
• Automaticly add TV commercials to your content

What if I do not have mobile content?

Of course Wapag is aware of the fact most companies do not have mobile content or experience in how to market their products on mobile handsets. Therefore Wapag can not only consult in this matter, but can also create the right content for you or lets you add mobile campaign sites in the campaign creation tool. With Wapag's mobile advertising solution any marketeer can now target all mobile users without the need for technical knowhow.

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