MMS Composer

Making MMS as popular as SMS. With the straightforward UI already over 1 million MMS are sent within 7 months.

The Web based Wapag MMS Composer lets users create and send MMS in less then three steps, bringing MMS to the users in a friendly and understandble way. In fact, the user interface was so straightforward, its mobile internet version now replaces handset MMS Composers.

An example of the Wapag MMS Composer shows how easy the look&feel can be adapted. In this case KPN Mobile chose its specifications and gave Wapag design guidelines. Within four weeks the Hi MMS Composer was developed and online. Accompanied with MMS Direct Marketing campaigns the MMS usage and provisioning is now on a much higher level.

What does the Wapag MMS Composer offer?

• The best user interface for MMS composing on web and mobile
• Fast and easy integration in any website/campaign
• Increased MMS usage and provisioning

What can the Wapag MMS Composer do?

All basic features are shown in the Hi MMS Composer screenshot. Of course does the MMS Composer offer a large list of specifications and it can be integrated in virtually any (web)application, which the example mentioned earlier shows.

Hi MMS Studio Hi MMS Studio